Prego Weight Begone Update: Beyond the Scale

Today was weigh in day.  Taking my advice I always give to clients, I’m weighing myself once per week, no more no less.  I haven’t always been good at this because sometimes, I’ll admit, I hate the scale.

Today, according to the scale, was good.  Down another 3 lbs and 26 lbs total, which puts me within 2 lbs of my pre-pregnancy weight (not my end goal though) 3 weeks post-delivery.  I know it’s probably going to get harder to drop the last 3 lbs and then tackle the next 8-10 to get me to my ultimate goal.  One thing I thought about this morning as I pushed the jogger stroller in one hand and held the dog leash in the other: My ultimate goal isn’t really about the number on the scale.  It’s about feeling awesome inside and out, being the best role model possible, and getting back to a fitness level I haven’t been at since college (or maybe even better-Am I crazy!?).  So why bother with the scale?

Because it doesn’t lie.  Yes, I’m basing my progress on other things too: energy levels, my ability to now incorporate short jogging bursts into my daily walks, fitting into more non-maternity clothes, and the mirror but ultimately the scale provides invaluable feedback.  Feedback that can’t be ignored or argued with.

With that in mind, I’m doing more preparing and planning to make sure next Wednesday morning when I step on the scale, I’ll be content with what it tells me.  Here’s my plan for the next week:

  • Continue with daily walk/jogs of 30-50 minutes, increase jog time
  • Meal prep on Sunday and Monday to have pre-made lunches and plenty of veggies ready to eat
  • Start strength training 2x/week
  • Take naps!
  • Be patient! (This is something I tell my clients repeatedly but it’s hard to practice!!) The weight and body changes didn’t happen in 1 month so don’t expect the midsection flab or larger than desirable curves to disappear in 4 weeks.

Weigh in (no pun intended!) on this post: Do you weigh yourself regularly?  How do assess your progress?  Do you make weekly or daily goals?  How do you handle a weigh-in that doesn’t show you a number you want?

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  1. Posted by Tim Arndt 11 Jul 2022 at 6:26 am Reply

    This is one of my fave blogs of yours. My fave line “ultimately the scale provides invaluable feedback”. Love it. It provides facts. How you deal with those facts is up to you. We can choose to let it bother us, or we can choose to use it appropriately as a gauge. Great blog!

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